On July 14, 2009 Canada announced that it would require all Mexican citizens travelling to Canada to obtain an entry visa, officially known as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Prior to this announcement, Mexican citizens could simply hop on a plane and travel to Canada without an entry visa.

The visa requirement means that Mexican nationals who want to come to Canada to visit, study or work will first need to apply for a TRV and meet the requirements to receive one.

This includes Mexicans who would qualify for a work permit under NAFTA.

The change effectively means that recruits from Mexico must apply for a work permit at a Visa office (usually the Canadian Embassy in Mexico) as TRVs are issued by Canadian Visa offices. The Embassy of Canada in Mexico City has a procedure whereby a Mexican citizen may apply for emergency processing where travel to Canada is urgent.

Mexican citizens who are already in Canada on a work permit will need to take steps to obtain a TRV for themselves and their family members if they plan to travel in and out of Canada.

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