In September 30th, 2013, Nanjing Municipal Government released the Wage Level Guideline 2013, which is regarded as authoritative reference for local wage levels (“Guidance”). The Guidance includes maximum, median and minimum amounts with respect to 278 particular positions, 18 industries, 13 registration categories, 7 kinds of affiliated enterprises, 14 expertise classifications, 5 education levels and 5 working length ranges.

For example, the stipulated wage level for postgraduates ranks the highest, with a maximum amount which can be as high as CNY 399,207. The wage level for junior high school graduates or below is the lowest, with a maximum amount of CNY 71,402. These statistics are based on personal annual income.

In addition, Nanjing released its first Wage Level Guidance for the domestic service industry. The maximum wage level can be as high as CNY 6,200 per month, which mainly applies to housekeepers with five or more years of working experience and an advanced or intermediate certificate issued by the State department in charge of human resources and social security.