OneBeacon sued Commercial Union of Canada, based on its contention that Commercial Union agreed to reinsure successive renewals of a primary policy issued by OneBeacon to Harrisons & Crossfield (America) Inc. and affiliates. Harrisons faced lawsuits for asbestos-based personal injury claims. One of the OneBeacon primary policies at issue was renewed for three successive one-year terms in 1980, 1981, and 1982. Commercial Union issued a Facultative Certificate covering the policy period from March 28, 1980 through April 1, 1981. OneBeacon took the position that the parties intended for the reinsurance cover to be renewed as well. The court disagreed, finding as a matter of law that the Facultative Certificate was unambiguous, covered only the single year described in the contract, and that OneBeacon had not demonstrated with competent evidence any intent on the part of Commercial Union to extend the reinsurance cover beyond its stated term. The Court granted both parties’ motions to strike certain evidence (including a so-called “sham affidavit” proferred by OneBeacon that contradicted sworn testimony), denied OneBeacon’s motion for summary judgment, and granted Commercial Union’s motion for summary judgment. OneBeacon America Insurance Co. v. Commercial Union Assurance Co. of Canada, Case No. 10-10164 (USDC D. Mass. Aug. 18, 2011).