Following a dispute over eight reinsurance agreements, Century Indemnity moved to confirm in part and vacate in part an arbitration award ordering Fencourt Reinsurance to pay a certain sum owed under the agreements. The paragraph at issue stated that “all other claim for relief are denied,” meaning that Century could not recover interest, attorneys’ fees and court costs under the agreement. The District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania denied Century’s motion to vacate, finding the portion of the agreement concerning interest, fees and costs was ambiguous as it did not explicitly specify whether it applied before or after arbitration proceedings. Accordingly, the arbitration panel’s interpretation was not “completely irrational” nor did the panel exhibit a “manifest disregard” for the agreement. Century Indem. Co. v. Fencourt Reinsurance, Case No. 09-MC-53 (E.D. Pa. July 22, 2009).