Cronos Technologies, LLC v. Expedia, Inc.C.A. Nos. 13-1538-LPS; Cronos Technologies, LLC v., Inc., 13-1541-LPS; Cronos Technologies, LLC v. L.P., 13-1544-LPS, June 9, 2015

Stark, C.J. Markman opinion issues regarding 11 groups of disputed terms from one patent. Claim construction argument was held on April 13, 2015, followed by supplemental briefing.

The patent-in-suit relates to remote ordering systems.  The following groups of terms were considered:

  1. "Remote ordering terminal" "user device" "order device"
  2. "Communication means"
  3. "Data entry device" "machine recognition"
  4. "central processing means"
  5. "Database," "User-specific database/identifier database," "central inventory database/merchant database"
  6. "management means"
  7. Order of Steps
  8. "Interactively receivable as a result of said central processing means,  responding to said user input at said order device, transmitting to said central inventory database said at least one order list comprising a list of items to be ordered or a provisional list of items for which updated user-discernable item data is desired"
  9. "user and/or merchant identifier means"
  10. "identifier means"
  11. "input means"