A San Jose, California, electronic waste recycling firm and two of its managers have entered into a plea agreement to resolve criminal charges of submitting fraudulent claims for $1 million in payments from the state’s Electronic Waste Recovery and Recycling Program. California v.Tung Tai Group, Inc., No. 10-85634 (Cal. Super. Ct. filed 7/9/12).  

According to the plea agreement, charges against one individual were dismissed, but the remaining defendants pleaded no contest to 13 felony charges, including three counts of forgery, five counts of false documents, three counts of filing false payment claims with the state, and two counts of illegal storage of hazardous electronic and residual waste. The agreement bars the Tung Tai Group from future participation in the state’s electronic waste program and holds the defendants liable for $75,000 in penalties and $50,000 in prosecution costs. The remaining individual defendant also agreed to 100 hours of community service. See BNA Daily Environment Report, August 7, 2012.