The Department of Commerce is moving forward in its efforts to strengthen enforcement of U.S. trade laws as part of President Obama’s National Export Initiative. Secretary Locke asked the International Trade Administration (ITA) to review its trade remedy practices to determine potential administrative and regulatory improvements. ITA developed 14 proposals, particularly focusing on antidumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) laws. Among the proposed changes, Commerce would impose more stringent requirements for companies seeking to be excused from previously imposed AD/CVD duties, change the bond requirements for importers under investigation, revise calculation methods in non-market economy cases, , tighten the certification process for information submitted in AD/CVD cases, and strengthen rules to ensure that parties are paying the full amount of their anti-dumping duties. Commerce is planning to review these proposals and will seek public comment as part of that process. Stay tuned to future Highlights as we learn how and when these efforts will proceed.