Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL) signed two bills on August 7 that intend to advance wind energy, including offshore wind farms in Lake Michigan. House Bill 1558 creates a Lake Michigan Offshore Wind Energy Advisory Council. The council, which is part of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, will examine siting and engineering issues related to wind energy developments in Lake Michigan. The council will also look into the impacts that wind energy projects could have on the local environment, commercial fishing, and recreational activities. House Bill 1558 directs the council to make recommendations based on their findings to the Office of the Governor and the General Assembly by June 30, 2012. The other piece of legislation, H.B. 1487, allows counties to develop renewable energy districts. These districts will be allowed to construct and operate renewable energy projects. H.B. 1487 includes not only wind and solar projects, but also anaerobic digestion of livestock or food processing waste, fuel cells or microturbines powered by renewable fuels, or hydroelectric energy, and crops grown for electricity generation.