EPIC Sues National Security Agency for Information about Communications with Google: On September 13, 2010, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (“EPIC”) sued the National Security Agency (“NSA”) for information regarding its alleged agreement with Google, Inc. to protect the company from cyber attacks by foreign entities. Earlier this year reports began to surface in several news outlets that Google had recruited the NSA to investigate the source of an alleged attack on Google’s corporate infrastructure originating from China and to take steps necessary to prevent future intrusions. EPIC’s suit began as a Freedom of Information Act request for any documents relating to such an agreement between Google and the NSA. When the NSA refused to provide the documents, the privacy agency sued. “In order for the public to make meaningful decisions regarding their personal data and e-mail, it must be aware of the details of that relationship [between Google and the NSA],” EPIC said, in its FOIA request.