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What rules govern the ownership of airports (both public and private)?

The Airport Authority Law governs the ownership of airports in Israel, which are owned by the authority on behalf of the state.


What is the authorisation procedure for the operation of airports?

All matters in respect of the operation of airports are subject to the discretion of the Airport Authority, which owns, manages and governs Israel’s airports.

What ongoing operating requirements apply (including obligations relating to safety, security and facilities maintenance)?

There are various operating requirements within the airports, including for the unloading of cargo, safety and security matters, check-in operation and transportation.

Airport charges

What airport charges apply and how are they regulated?

The Airport Authority Law states several charges that apply for the operation of Israeli airports, including:

  • landing fees;
  • parking fees;
  • portage fees;
  • air traffic control fees; and
  • outgoing passenger fees.


What regulations govern access to airports?

The Airport Authority Law governs all matters concerning operation and access to airports in Israel.

Slot allocation

What regime governs the allocation of airport slots (including slot transfer, revocation and disputes)?

In principle, the Airport Authority is in charge of airport slots, which are allocated fairly and in consideration of historical rights. An authority decision can be brought to the Supreme Court of Justice should any person or entity wish to oppose it.

Ground handling

How are ground handling services regulated?

The Airport Authority has published a bid for the operation of ground-handling services at Ben Gurion Airport. The winning bidders will provide ground-handling services for the duration of the agreement.

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