The Canada Arts Training Fund (CATF) was created to support the training of artists and has an annual budget of $24.1 million, offering grants ranging from $30,000 to $6 million. The CATF provides operating support to organizations on an annual or multi-year basis.  Applicants for the CATF must demonstrate that the activity for which funding is requested is not funded as a provincial post-secondary education activity and does not result in the granting of a post-secondary qualification in the applicant’s province.

Non-share capital corporations (non-profit organizations) are eligible to apply for the CATF if:  

  1. They offer training programs that:
  • Are directed by recognized professionals; and
  • Provide training for professional artistic careers 
  1. Have maintained a full-time operation in support of the professional training program for a minimum of 3 years  
  2. They are accessible to Canadians through a national competitive admission process available in both of Canada’s official languages.   Exemptions may be available to organizations that offer training in Aboriginal or culturally diverse art forms.  

Applications are due by June 30.  

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