The visa bulletin for December of 2012 has been released and shows small advancements for those in employment based second (EB-2) and third (EB-3) preferences.

In the EB-2 category, Chinese nationals will see an advancement from September 1, 2007 to October 22, 2007; while Indian nationals will remain at September 1, 2004.  Mexican, Filipino, and nationals from all other areas of chargeability remain current through December 2012.

 Those in the EB-3 category, all will see slight advancements in December. See the chart below:  

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Due to the possibility of retrogression, its vitally important that I-485 applications be filed in the first month of visa availability.  In addition Indian nationals who are in EB-3 may want to consider re-filing their PERM and I-140 petitions in order to qualify for EB-2, as the prospects for timely visa availability in the EB-3 category remain extremely dim.