The Beijing People’s High Court has declared that they will now be publishing high-profile intellectual property decisions, and related hearing transcripts and documents in English. This is in the effort to assist foreign litigants.

The Beijing High People’s Court has already published 10 intellectual property cases into English as samples. The court also stated that providing English translations such as these will regularly occur, however only for influential disputes and important rulings.

Pan Wei, the assistant to the court’s IP tribunal chief said, “We have had the idea to supply the English versions for some time, but due to the limited number of English speakers in the court, the first batch of cases could not have been issued until now.” He said that they want Chinese and foreigners alike to understand Chinese IP hearings and a way to stay transparent. Pan also mentioned that they decided to introduce the English versions because the number of IP cases in Beijing involving foreign litigants has risen over the past couple of years as well as that it will help Chinese courts and foreigners better understand case’s legal backgrounds.
The court also recently published guidelines for handling cyberspace IP disputes after an increase of this type of cases in the capital. The guidelines cover online copyright and brands and are based on two years of research said Yang Boyong, the chief judge of the Tribunal. Boyong mentioned the guidelines clarify web operators’ responsibilities, difficulties in hearing cyberspace IP cases in the effort to help the grassroot courts to deal with these disputes.

According to High People’s court 2015, Beijing courts filed nearly 14,000 cases, more than 10,000 of which took place online. [Source: CHINA DAILY]