Discipline and termination

State procedures

Are there state-specific laws on the procedures employers must follow with regard to discipline and grievance procedures?

No. Georgia’s strong policy in favour of at-will employment means that progressive discipline is not required.

At-will or notice

At-will status and/or notice period?

In the absence of an express employment contract, Georgia employees generally are assumed to be subject to at-will employment. Georgia law states that employment for an indefinite duration is “at will” and can be terminated by either party without cause. There is no notice period.

What restrictions apply to the above?

Georgia law generally tracks federal law. An employer may terminate an at-will employment relationship at any time, without or without cause, for any reason or no reason at all, as long as the reason is not discriminatory.

Final paychecks

Are there state-specific rules on when final paychecks are due after termination?