ICE Futures U.S. brought a number of disciplinary actions for violation of its position limit rules, in one case imposing both a fine and disgorgement as a sanction. Each matter was voluntarily settled by the respondent. In a disciplinary action against J&P (China) Capital Management Ltd., the firm agreed to pay a fine of US $15,000 and disgorge profits of $255,110 for violating the 5,000 lots all months combined position limit on Cotton No. 2 futures contracts on two days in September 2014. In another matter, D.E. Shaw & Co., L.P. was fined $20,000 for one instance where one fund it advised established a position in the New York Mercantile Exchange natural gas futures contract at the same time the fund held a position in excess of the ICE Futures U.S.’s spot month position limit for its Henry LD1 fixed price futures contract during the November 2013 contract expiration. The exchange also brought and settled a disciplinary action against Virginia Power Energy Marketing, Inc. for violating position limits on two occasions in 2013 by payment of a fine of $27,500. Separately, Heat Energy Group, LLC paid a fine of $15,000, and both Mercuria Energy America, Inc, and Eagle Seven, LLC each paid fines of $7,500 for their roles in block trades to help Heat resolve an unrelated customer error.