The Law for Increased Enforcement of Labor Law came into effect in 2012 with its declared objective being to increase the enforcement of labor laws as a result of the growing phenomenon of noncompliance with the Israeli labor laws.

The law instituted a new administrative enforcement proceeding, whereby senior labor inspectors from the Ministry of Labor were authorized to take action to enforce the labor laws, by issuing administrative warnings and imposing fines on employers for violations of particular labor laws specified in the addendum to the law.

If the employer is a corporation, the law prescribes that the CEO is obligated to oversee and take all reasonable measures to prevent violations by the corporation that he/she heads, since otherwise, the CEO is liable to bear personal liability and be charged a fine of 50% of the fine that may be imposed on the corporation in respect of the relevant violations.

The list of violations subject to enforcement under the said law was updated, and as of 1 January 2018, a long list of occupational safety offenses was added to the addendum to the law for which an administrative warning may be issued or a fine imposed. Such violation include, among others, safety of work surfaces, safety for employees working at height and the organization and management of safety procedures.

In light of the stricter administrative enforcement relating to safety violations, we recommend that employers verify whether they are complying with the statutory requirements pertaining to occupational safety obligations.