The FSA has published its Annual Report 2008/09.

The Annual Report details the FSA’s performance against its statutory objectives. These objectives are designed to benefit both firms and consumers under the three heads which cover the FSA’s work: to promote efficient, orderly and fair markets, help retail consumers achieve a fair deal and improve its business capability and effectiveness.

In his introductory statement, Lord Turner, chairman of the FSA, said:

"The year 2008/09 has been an extremely difficult one for regulators across the world. Looking at the year as a whole, I believe the FSA has dealt successfully with the immediate crisis, and taken actions to ensure that we build a more stable financial system for the future."

The FSA has also published a number of appendices to the Annual Report, providing further statistical information on its work over the period.

View Annual Report 2008/09, 24 June 2009