Pittsburgh employers take note: March 15, 2020 is right around the corner. That is when the Pittsburgh Paid Sick Days Act finally goes into effect after its years-long journey through the City Council, the Mayor’s Office, and the Pennsylvania courts.

The ordinance requires employers with 15+ employees to provide paid sick leave, up to 40 hours per year, at a rate of 1 hour of leave for every 35 hours worked. Employers with less than 15 employees must also provide paid sick leave at the same accrual rate, up to 24 hours per year.

Employers should take note that employees who work in the City can be covered under the law, even if the employer is not physically present there. That is because the ordinance defines employers as any entity “situated or doing business in the City” and defines employees as anyone who works for such an employer and “who performs work within the geographic boundaries of the City of Pittsburgh for at least 35 hours in a calendar year.”