1. For Informational Purposes Only
  1. AL2013-015, The Health Care Authority for Medical West, an Affiliate of UAB Health System, Bessemer, AL: Proposing to construct and operate a second cardiac catheterization laboratory, to establish and offer elective inpatient and outpatient percutaneous coronary intervention services without providing on-site open heart surgery, and to also provide emergency PCI services on a 24/7 basis. Administrative Law Judge Jeffrey C. Smith filed Recommended Order approving this project.
  2. AL2013-025, Liberty Park Breast and Body Reconstruction Center, LLC, Birmingham, AL: Proposing to establish an Ambulatory Surgery Center equipped to facilitate skin reduction surgery after bariatric surgery and breast reduction procedures. Administrative Law Judge Clark Fine filed Recommended Order approving this project. 
  1. Certificate of Need Program
  1. AL2013-030, Bio-Medical Applications of Alabama, Inc. d/b/a Fresenius Medical Care Valley Creek, Selma, AL: Proposes to expand the existing 16-station ESRD facility by adding four hemodialysis stations under the exemption provision of Chapter 410-2- 3-.05(1)(c) of the Alabama State Health Plan.

Opposition: None


  1. AL2013-031, Bio-Medical Applications of Alabama, Inc. d/b/a FMC Wilcox, Camden, AL: Proposes to expand the existing 10-station ESRD facility by adding two hemodialysis stations under the exemption provision of Chapter 410-2-3-.05(1)(c) of the Alabama State Health Plan.

Opposition: None


  1. AL2013-033, Noland Hospital Dothan, LLC, Dothan, AL: Proposes to add 10 longterm acute care beds to the existing 35 licensed beds in Region VIII, based on the Bed Availability Assurance for Acute Care (Hospitals) section 410-2-4-.02(5) of the Alabama State Health Plan.

Opposition: None


  1. AL2013-041, University of Alabama Hospital, Birmingham, AL: Proposes to lease The Kirklin Clinic, an existing free-standing multi-specialty physician clinic located adjacent to University Hospital, and operate it as an outpatient department of the hospital.

Opposition: None


  1. Contested Case

AL2012-024, North Alabama Medical Center f/k/a Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, Florence, AL: Proposes to construct a comprehensive cancer center offering radiation therapy services. The Cancer Center will be built adjacent to the proposed 300-bed replacement hospital with an adjoining corridor. Opposition: Helen Keller Hospital and Alliance Oncology, LLC filed intervention and opposition and a request for a contested case hearing. Administrative Law Judge filed Recommended Order denying this project. This project was carried over from the June 19, 2013, CON Review Board meeting.

Affirmed the Administrative Law Judge’s Recommended Order denying the project.


  1. Reviewability Determinations and Pending Reviewability Determinations

Reviewability Determinations

RV2013-021, Restore Therapy Services Outpatient, requests to establish an outpatient physical therapy clinic located at 300 Medical Center Drive, Chilton County, Alabama.

Status: Non-Reviewable

RV2013-024, Bio-Medical Applications of Alabama, Inc. d/b/a Fresenius Medical Care Marshall requests to establish a 10-station ESRD center consisting of nine hemodialysis stations and one isolation station in Marshall County.

Status: Non-Reviewable

RV2013-025, Sprewell Dialysis, LLC, d/b/a Model City Home Training, a subsidiary of DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc., requests to establish an ESRD facility consisting of three home training stations, which will be used alternately for peritoneal dialysis home training and home hemodialysis training in Calhoun County.

Status: Non-Reviewable

Pending Reviewability Determinations:

RV2013-026, Coosa Valley HomeCare, LLC, d/b/a Coosa Valley HomeCare, requests to relocate the home health agency’s administrative offices from 315 W. Hickory St., Sylacauga, AL to 204 W. 1st. St., Sylacauga, AL.

Status: Pending

  1. Old Business


410-1-3-.06 State Agency Records

410-1-3-.08 Mode of Filing

410-1-3-.09 Electronic Filing

410-1-3-.10 Electronic Notice

410-1-3-.07 Periodic Reports

All rules were approved and will become final rules.


Alabama Certificate of Need Application

Application for Extension of Certificate of Need

Request for Determination of Exemption Status for Replacement of Existing Equipment All new forms were approved and will replace the old forms.

  1. New Business

410-1-7-.04 Notice of Change of Ownership

Approved for publication for public comment.

The next CON Review Board meeting will be held on August 21, 2013.