Anesthesiologist trashes sedated patient — and it ends up costing her – The Washington Post

A patient presses record on his iPhone, and an anesthesiologist’s professional career and reputation is pretty much destroyed. While the substance of the physician’s comments are appalling (she appears to have brought this on herself with avarice combined with a misguided attempt at humor), this cautionary tale should be taken to heart by all physicians and health care professionals.  While HIPAA, various state patient privacy and peer review confidentiality laws, and specific office policies may in concept prohibit such recordings, such recordings can and probably do happen.  So the best solution predates by far the digital age—physicians and all on the health care team must treat patients with RESPECT.  Isn’t that what led you to be a physician in the first place? If that does not supply ample motivation, then instead just assume that everything you do and say in a health care environment is recorded, because you just may be right. .