The European Commission has approved a €7.5 million Sardinian film support scheme until 2010 under the EU state aid rules. The three-year scheme covers all Sardinia's measures to support films of regional and cultural interest. The Commission has also approved a €43 million Latvian film support scheme and a €231 million Hungarian film support scheme, which will run until 31 This bulletin is presented for information purposes and is not intended to constitute legal advice. December 2013. Latvia’s six-year scheme covers all of its film support measures including film development, production and distribution of Latvian and European films, particularly in rural Latvia. Hungary’s six-year scheme also covers all of its film support measures, including the Hungarian film tax incentive. It is designed to promote the development of film culture in Hungary until 31 December 2013. The Commission found that the schemes are compatible with the cultural derogation of the EC Treaty, as well as with the rules in the 2001 Cinema Communication concerning aid to film production. The Latvian and Hungarian authorities will implement any changes that may be required after the expiry of the Cinema Communication.

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