IOSCO has published the findings from its third hedge fund survey. The aim of the survey is to gather data from hedge fund managers and advisers about the markets in which they operate, their trading activities, leverage, funding and counterparty information. It forms part of IOCSO's work to support the G20 initiative to mitigate risk associated with hedge funds. The report explains the results of the survey and provides an overview of the hedge fund industry as at 30 September 2014. In the light of the lack of public and global data on hedge fund activities, IOSCO considers that the regular collection and analysis of hedge fund data by regulators remains an important building block in monitoring trends in the hedge fund sector, and better understanding any potential systemic risks that hedge funds may pose to the financial system. As a result, it aims to continue to conduct the survey on a period basis. The results of its second hedge fund survey were published in October 2013.