What does this cover?

The ICO has blogged on its work to prevent nuisance calls, confirming its strategy of ensuring that nuisance call companies hit the headlines which provides a deterrent to other operating or 'would be' nuisance call companies.

In 2015 the ICO joined a co-operative intelligence sharing initiative with Gateshead Trading Standards which resulted in the fining of persistent nuisance call company 'E-Green Energy'.

In the blog the ICO discuss their global reach, stating they are "on the case of companies based elsewhere in the world" and will pass on evidence to EEA regulators within the relevant jurisdiction.

On 24 February the ICO published a blog detailing 7 of its investigatory methods to track nuisance call makers. These methods include (1) Mystery shopping, (2) reports from whistle-blowers, (3) complaints taken by The Telephone Preference Service (TPS), (4) text reports to "7726", (5) co-operation with consumer groups and Trading standards, (6) co-operation from other regulators and (7) direct reports to the ICO.

To view the ICO blog on how it is working to stop nuisance call companies, please click here.

To view the ICO blog on how it identifies nuisance call companies, please click here.

What action could be taken to manage risks that may arise from this development?

Organisations are reminded to ensure that their use of telemarketing (either as operated by the organisation itself or via third party marketing firms) is in strict compliance with the PECR and the DPA.