On Tuesday, October 9, 2007, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania weighed in in support of Illinois' bid to win siting of the FutureGen project, which may be determined as soon as November. Pennsylvania joins fellow states Indiana and Kentucky, which share Pennsylvania's coal bed, in support of Illinois' bid.

In a letter to project developers, Pennsylvania's governor Ed Rendell emphasized the importance of siting the project in Illinois, whose "natural characteristics are more common with other coal producing states like Pennsylvania that will look to replicate the technologies demonstrated by the FutureGen project." Rendell's letter further stated, "It is critical that FutureGen is successful, and we believe that the state of Illinois and their sites offer the FutureGen Industrial Alliance the best chance for success in the future."

The two finalist sites in Illinois are Mattoon and Tuscola. Two other finalist sites, Jewett and Odessa, are located in Texas.

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