In addition to the Mobius settlement discussed above, on September 14, the CFTC issued 11 other orders filing and simultaneously settling charges against various respondents for violations of the Commodity Exchange Act and CFTC regulations, including for position limits, recordkeeping, registration, reporting, and failure to supervise violations.  James McDonald, CFTC Director of Enforcement, stated:  “These Orders reflect the CFTC’s commitment to protecting the public by enforcing the recordkeeping, registration, reporting, and supervision requirements in the Act and Regulations.  These requirements are critical to the CFTC’s mission to protect market participants and to ensure market integrity:  (i) on the front end, by requiring entities and individuals to register with the CFTC prior to doing business in the commodities markets, (ii) on an ongoing basis by requiring registrants to diligently supervise their employees and ensure compliance with the Act and Regulations, and (iii) on the back end by ensuring proper records are maintained and made available to the CFTC, allowing fraud and other misconduct to be detected and remediated.  As these actions show, the Commission will continue to vigorously enforce these requirements.”