Today, the House narrowly (by a 219 to 205 vote) approved Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) Fiscal Year 2015 budget plan.  Ryan said, “House Republicans have put forward a plan that puts our trust in the people. Our plan balances the budget in just 10 years. We cut $5.1 trillion in spending over the next decade by eliminating waste and making much-needed reforms.”  Ryan added, “We are offering a balanced budget that pays down the debt. We are offering patient-centered solutions, so that patients are the nucleus of the health-care system, not the government. We’re offering a plan to save Medicare now and for future generations. We’re offering a stronger safety net with state flexibility, to help meet people’s needs and to help people get from welfare to work to make the most of their lives. We’re offering pro-growth tax code. We’re offering more energy jobs.”  The Senate will consider its own budget proposal.