The General Court (“GC”) has by order dismissed an application for annulment lodged against a letter of the Commission. The GC dismissed the appeal brought by 1. garantovaná a.s. (“1G”) against the Commission’s letter which required 1G to pay an outstanding amount of the fine imposed by the Commission’s decision of July 2009 together with late-payment interest, or to provide the Commission with a bank guarantee covering that amount. In its appeal 1G sought the annulment of the Commission’s letter in so far as it, inter alia, applied an interest rate of 4.5 % to the periods during which the President of the GC had suspended the operation of the Commission’s decision of July 2009. The GC found that 1G would be entitled to bring an action for annulment against the Commission’s letter of 21 December 2012 only if it were shown that the letter produced binding legal effects such as to affect the interests of 1G by bringing about a distinct change in its legal position. The GC pointed out that not every letter sent by an institution of the EU constitutes a decision and thereby enables the addressee to bring an action for annulment. Furthermore, the GC held that the Commission’s letter merely constituted a notice to comply with the previous decision of July 2009. According to the GC, such an act cannot be regarded as having produced legal effects binding on, and capable of affecting the interests of 1G. Therefore, the GC rejected the action brought by 1G against the letter of the Commission as inadmissible. Source: Order of the General Court T-42/13, 19/11/2013