After more than four years of litigation, a class action suit brought against Washington Mutual comes to a close with an unopposed class settlement in the amount of $4 million, which includes $1.2 million for attorneys’ fees and litigation costs. The class action involved allegations that defendants received kickbacks from private mortgage insurers to whom they referred borrowers that exceeded the value of reinsurance services provided by defendants to those insurers. The Eastern District of Pennsylvania determined that class settlement was fair and reasonable because continued litigation would be complex, expensive, and lengthy since formal discovery would still need to be completed. The court also concluded that plaintiffs ran the risk of losing on summary judgment or at trial because resolving the issue of whether the reinsurance agreements adequately transferred risk to the defendants would depend on a battle of the experts. Finally, the court reasoned that there was a strong likelihood a class would not be certified outside of settlement because the defendants had potentially viable defenses that could not adequately be litigated on a class-wide basis. The court approved the class settlement and the award of attorney’s fees and costs in separate orders. Alexander v. Washington Mutual, Inc., Case No. 07-4426 (E.D. Pa. Dec. 4, 2012).