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The Water Values Podcast turns 10 this week! At least in terms of sessions released. In this session, Deloitte Consulting’s Will Sarni joins us to talk about water as both a business risk and opportunity. Will is Deloitte’s Practice Leader for Enterprise Water Strategy, and you will find his insights into the way in which businesses are attempting to qualify and quantify how water affects their business very intriguing.

In this Session, You’ll Learn about:

  • Water as a business risk and business opportunity
  • The increasing level of public sector awareness of water risk
  • The factors businesses examine when determining their water risk
  • How business views the water-energy nexus
  • Natural capital and the business movement to quantify natural capital
  • CDP, the U.K.-based water reporting not-for-profit entity
  • The voluntary water reporting complied by CDP
  • The sources of pressure for water reporting
  • The impact of the drought on the business approach to water

Resources and Links Mentioned in or Relevant to this Session Include:


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