Ontario’s Ministry of Research & Innovation will reportedly invest CAN$190 million (US$173 million) during the next six years in research programs and infrastructure to help the province’s institutions fund new technolo- gies, attract and retain researchers, increase investment, and create new jobs. The investment will be handled by the Ontario Research Fund through its Research Infrastructure and Research Excellence programs. The latter program has reportedly supported 23,000 opportunities since 2003 for researchers to enhance their knowledge and skills and has been responsible for 64 spin-off companies that employ 571 people. An association of Ontario’s hospitals and research institutes welcomed the announcement, estimating that every dollar from the fund represented three dollars of investment in the province, “including support from other partners and private industry.” See Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario Media Release, January 20, 2014; University of Toronto News and Genomeweb.com, January 21, 2014.