The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a district court's grant of summary judgment to Coca-Cola Bottling Company in a case involving wage statements.  Under Labor Code section 226(a), an employer must provide its employees with accurate, itemized wage statements showing total hours worked during the pay period, hourly rates in effect during the pay period, and the hours worked at those rates.

Isaias Hernandez had claimed that the statements he received did not comply with the law because the overtime information was split into two different rates.  The court held this did not violate the law because using only simple math, an employee could easily calculate his or her overtime rate and hours.  Furthermore, Hernandez himself admitted in his deposition that he was able to do the calculations without assistance.  The wage statements complied with the law and Hernandez's claim was dismissed properly.

Hernandez v. BCI Coca-Cola Bottling Co., --Fed.Appx. ---, 2014 WL 611461