Virginia businesses and employees are eagerly awaiting rulings from the Virginia Supreme Court on two cases that it has heard or is preparing to hear concerning the enforceability of non-competition agreements between employers and employees.  The results of these cases should provide businesses and employees in Virginia with greater clarity on the scope of enforceable non-competition agreements.  The Virginia Supreme Court heard the first case, Home Paramount Pest Control Cos. Inc. v. Justin Shaffer, et. al., earlier this week.  That case addresses restrictions in an employment agreement which prohibit a former employee from engaging in certain specific competitive activities, including soliciting customers of the former employer, within a defined geographic area.  The second case, BB&T Insurance Services, Inc. v. Thomas Rutherfoord, Inc., et. al., for which a hearing date has not yet been scheduled, also involves the solicitation of the former employer’s customers.  Unlike Home Paramount, this case addresses the fact that the post-employment non-competition covenants were provided as a condition precedent to the employer’s purchasing the employee’s business.  We will keep you posted on the decisions in these cases and their impact on non-competition agreements in Virginia.