Although the use of wireless technology is increasing, access to and use of conduit, riser and raceway space, particularly in high rise office buildings, will continue to be an issue. In older office buildings, there may not be sufficient room for new tenants to install cabling in the existing conduits, risers and raceways. The space required for computer and communication cabling can present a challenge, not to mention a substantial financial burden, for tenants most, if not all of whom, are dependent upon modern technology. Should landlord's work include provision of sufficient conduit, riser and raceway space? Should the removal of old wires and cabling be part of base building work? Should the removal of cabling on expiry be specifically addressed as part of removal and restoration provisions? What about back-up generators? Should the tenant provide its own or rely on the landlord’s back-up generators? The answers to these questions may appear obvious but, surprisingly, these matters are often overlooked. Include them in your due diligence checklist before submitting or firming up any offer.