On 2 August 2011 the Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations 20111 (SI 2011/1848) were published. These Regulations implement Directive 2009/81 on the coordination of procedures for the award of certain works contracts, supply contracts and service contracts in the field of defence and security (OJ 2009 L 216/76). The Regulations apply to the procurement of military equipment (such as arms, munitions and war material) and associated goods, services and works, and the procurement of sensitive security equipment and associated goods, services and works (where the contract contains, involves or requires national security classified information). The Regulations modify the general public procurement rules and procedures to reflect the particular needs of the security and defence sectors. For example, they allow the use of the negotiated procedure with prior publication as a standard procedure. In addition, contracting authorities may require guarantees ensuring security of information and there are specific provisions governing security of supply and sub-contracting, as well as research and development contracts.