On July 20, 2009, USCIS announced the resumption of premium processing for nonimmigrant religious worker petitions (Form I-129) filed by certain R-1 petitioners. On November 28, 2006, USCIS suspended premium processing for R-1 nonimmigrant religious worker visa petitions when it initiated a site inspection requirement as part of the adjudication process. USCIS will accept Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service, for R-1 nonimmigrant religious workers only from those religious organizations that previously have successfully completed a site inspection at the location where the beneficiary will work. Premium processing is not available for I-360 special immigrant religious worker petitions.

Prior to accepting Form I-907, USCIS will verify whether a successful site inspection has been completed at the location where the beneficiary will be employed. The petitioner may choose to submit a copy of the Form I-797 approval notice for a previously approved R petition to assist USCIS in locating the petitioner's site inspection record. However, the successful completion of a prior pre-approval site inspection does not preclude USCIS from conducting another pre-approval site inspection or compliance review (a post-approval site inspection). Under its premium processing service, USCIS guarantees petitioners that, for a $1,000 processing fee, it will issue either an approval notice, a denial notice, a notice of intent to deny, a request for evidence, or open an investigation for fraud or misrepresentation, within 15 calendar days of receiving a petition.