President Trump’s most recent Republican nominee to the National Labor Relations Board became a Member and was named Chairman on April 20. John Ring fills the fifth and last open seat on the Board, giving Republicans a 3-2 majority, for the first time since December 2017. Chairman Ring’s term ends December 16, 2022. He is a former management-side labor and employment attorney who was in private practice with the Washington, D.C. Office of Morgan Lewis, the same law firm for which his immediate predecessor as Chairman, Philip Miscimarra, was a partner. Chairman Ring is already facing politically-motivated calls for recusal due to his and his former firm’s representation of employers in the wide array of labor and employment law matters. Practitioners from the management side are hoping that he steers a steady course for a more balanced interpretation of the National Labor Relations Act than was the case under the Obama-era Board, of which Democrat Mark Gaston Pearce was Chairman. Mr. Pearce continues to serve on the NLRB as a Member, and his term will expire August 27 of this year.