On 8 October 2014, the EU published Council Decision 2014/700/CFSP, which amends Council Decision 2013/183/CFSP, and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 1059/2014 which amends Council Regulation (EC) No. 329/2007, concerning restrictive measures against North Korea.

Both the new regulations update identifying information of four individuals: (1) Re Je-son; (2) Chang Myong-Chin; (3) Ra Ky’ong-Su; and (4) Kim Kwang-il.

The identifying information of the following entities has been updated by Regulation (EU) No. 1059/2014: (1) Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation; (2) Amroggang Development Banking Corporation; (3) Green Pine Associated Corporation; (4) Korea Heungjin Trading Company;

(5) Korean Committee for Space Technology; (6) Bank of East Land; (7) Korea Kumryong Trading Corporation; (8) Tosong Technology Trading Corporation; (9) Korea Ryonha Machinery Joint Venture Corporation; (10) Leader (Hong Kong) International; (11) Second Academy of Natural Sciences; and (12) Korea Complex Equipment Import Corporation.

Council Decision 2014/700/CFSP has added Ocean Maritime Management Company Limited to Annex I of Council Decision 2013/183/CFSP for contributing to activities prohibited by the arms embargo against North Korea. It has also deleted JON Pyong-ho from the list in Annex II of Council Decision 2013/183/CFSP.

Council Decision 2014/700/CFSP

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 1059/2014

Council Decision 2013/183/CFSP

Council Regulation (EC) No. 329/2007