In 2008 the Government introduced a requirement for inspection of air-conditioning systems by accredited inspectors. Systems that began operation after 31 December 2007, must be inspected within the first five years of operation. Older systems are divided between those whose output exceeds 250KW and those that do not. The former must have been inspected by 4 January 2009; the latter by 4 January 2011.Inspection reports last five years after which the owner must obtain a new one. The local authority can levy fines for non-compliance. The duty is on the person who controls the system; this is the owner of the building. If a property is tenanted and the tenant controls the system, it is the tenant's duty to arrange the inspection. If a property is sold, the duty passes to the buyer who must arrange for a new inspection within three months of the sale unless it received an inspection report frothe seller. In the case of a property with a system which is not yet subject to compulsory inspection, the sale triggers a requirement for inspection within three months unless the seller has obtained a report in advance of any date for compulsary inspection.