ASIC’s report provides companies and their advisers with a better understanding of ASIC’s decision-making in corporate finance regulation, including fundraising transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, financial reporting and buy-backs.   It is intended that a better understanding of ASICs approach in these areas will assist companies and their advisers with legal and compliance obligations.

ASIC has published the first of a series of reports which will provide greater transparency about the role that ASIC plays in the regulation of corporate finance issues in Australia.

Report 406 ASIC regulation of corporate finance; January to June 2014 provides statistical data, highlights key focus areas, and includes relevant guidance about ASIC's regulation of:

  • fundraising transactions;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • corporate governance issues; and
  • other corporate finance areas including financial reporting and share buy-backs.

Report 406 also:

  • details the approach ASIC takes in these areas, including the types of issues that have prompted ASIC intervention; and
  • provides an overview of ASIC’s current policy initiatives in this space and where it expects to undertake further consultation.

For more detailed information on novel relief applications, see ASIC’s other regular reports, the most recent of which is Report 395 Overview of decisions on relief applications (October 2013 to January 2014) which was published in May 2014.

See ASIC’s media release dated 29 August 2014.