In the August 12, 2014 Federal Register, the Coast Guard issued a final rule  entitled “Vessel Documentation Renewal Fees." Currently there is no charge for  renewals of endorsements; however, as of November 10, 2014, the Coast Guard  will assess a $26 fee for the renewal of endorsements on a vessel’s Certificate of  Documentation, which must be renewed annually. According to the Coast Guard:

The purpose of this rule is to increase the annual Certificate of  Documentation (COD) renewal fee collections so that the fees  we charge more accurately reflect the actual costs to the Coast  Guard of providing the annual documentation renewal services.

The final rule also states:

The estimated $6.1 million in revenue that the government will  collect from the fee will enable the Coast Guard to continue  offering these services to the public, which will allow private  and commercial vessel owners to continue to benefit from the  program.