IOSCO publishes CDS responses: IOSCO has published the responses it received to its consultation on Post-Trade Transparency in the Credit Default Swaps (CDS) Market. (Source: IOSCO Publishes CDS Responses)

IOSCO reports on Principles for Financial Benchmarks: IOSCO has published a report laying out the findings of its review of the implementation of the Principles for Financial Benchmarks. The review:

  • provided an overview of the reported level of implementation of the Principles, including any stated application by administrators of the concept of proportionality;
  • indicated a significant market reaction to the Principles, with widespread efforts to implement them; and
  • showed that the benchmarks industry is in a state of change.

The report also noted that IOSCO may need to take further steps in the future but that it is too early to determine what those steps should be. (Source: IOSCO Publishes Report on Principles for Financial Benchmarks)

IOSCO publishes prudential standards report: IOSCO has published a report looking at prudential standards in the securities sector. The report focuses on the net capital rule approach, in particular that of the US and the Capital Requirements Directive approach based on the Basel Committee approach. IOSCO has identified some possibility of regulatory capital arbitrage and changes to its 1989 report to take into account increasing use of internal models. (Source: IOSCO Publishes Prudential Standards Report)