Chicago Board Options Exchange

Extended Trading Hours Proposed

On September 8th, the SEC provided notice of the Chicago Board Options Exchange’s filing of a proposed rule change to adopt extended trading hours. Comments should be submitted on or before October 3, 2014. SEC Release No. 34-73017.

EDGX Exchange

Longer Period Designated to Consider Order Types and Instructions Proposal

On September 11th, the SEC designated October 29, 2014 as the date by which it will approve or disapprove the EDGX Exchange’s proposal to amend Rule 1.5 and Chapter XI of its rule book to include additional specificity regarding the current functionality of the Exchange’s System, including the operation of its order types and order instructions, and to describe certain new system functionality. SEC Release No. 34-73083.

ICE Clear Europe

Change to Liquidity Policies Approved

On September 11th, the SEC approved ICE Clear Europe’s proposed changes to its liquidity policies relating to the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) requirements. SEC Release No. 34-73075.

International Securities Exchange

Order Limitation Approved

On September 9th, the SEC approved the International Securities Exchange, LLC (ISE)’s proposal to limit certain types of complex orders from legging into the regular market. SEC Release No. 34-73023.


ETF Proposals Approved

On September 9th, the SEC approved NYSE Arca’s proposed change to Equities Rule 8.600, which governs the listing and trading of Managed Fund Shares. SEC Release No. 34-73022. On September 11th, the SEC approved two additional changes to the same rule. SEC Release No. 34-73082; SEC Release No. 34-73081.