The International Bar Association publication Water Law News includes an article in its August edition authored by Lynn Grayson of Jenner & Block Law Firm titled Flint, Michigan Water Crisis: Lessons Learned (“Article”).

The Article can be accessed through the Jenner & Block Corporate Environmental Lawyer blog.

The blog notes that the article provides a detailed factual account of the circumstances, decisions and governmental actions that led to the discovery of elevated levels of lead in Flint’s drinking water. It also notes that the article addresses:

. . .possible lessons learned from the Flint situation, including regulatory oversight failures, aging infrastructure and environmental justice considerations. In her opinion, a quote from Michigan Governor Snyder when he testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform best summarizes what happened in Flint: “. . .Let me blunt: this was a failure of government at all levels – local, state and federal officials – we all failed the families of Flint.”

A link to the blog through which the article can be accessed can be found here.