On December 4, 2012, there was published in The Senate Gazette a bill sponsored by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) parliamentary group containing draft amendments and additions to the Federal Code of Civil Procedure and the Federal Consumer Protection Law regarding class actions.

Senator Isaías González proposes: (a) to reduce from thirty to ten, the necessary number of claimants that may file class actions per se [acciones colectivas en sentido estricto] and analogous individual actions [acciones individuales homogéneas]; (b) to shorten procedural terms to expedite the resolution of cases; and (c) to provide greater obligations, and conciliation and community protection powers to the court during the pendency of a case, such as issuing on its own motion injunctive relief, when urgent circumstances so warrant.

Also, the general rule of jurisdiction is proposed to be amended so that a class action may be filed with a court of the defendant’s domicile, either of its principal place of business or of any of its branches, at the election of the class.

In addition, the bill requires the Federal Consumer Protection Agency to file class actions ex officio, in case of repeated claims for failure to provide or deficiencies in the provision of services.