This week the Consiglio di Stato (Administrative Supreme Court) issued a new decision (Decision no. 4541/2014) on the LCN saga (the logical channel numbering for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting).

As you recall from our previous post (and see also this post for the story so far), the Consiglio di Stato as a precautionary measure suspended its prior Decision no. 6021/2013, thus (i) restoring the second LCN Plan and (ii) interrupting the Commissioner (commissario ad acta) activities.

The new Decision no. 4541/2014 once again changed the scenario. The Consiglio di Stato now confirmed its prior Decision no. 6021/2013, asking the Commissioner to resume its activities and assess “now as for then the assignment of the generalist channels no. 7, 8 and 9“. However, the Consiglio di Stato added that, in doing so, the Commissioner will also have to assess the current situation in terms of “viewers’ preference and habits“, which is confirmed as a fundamental underlying principle under the current media laws. This will no doubt provide new and clearer guidance for the Commissioner’s work.

So, end of the story? Certainly not. Other pending proceedings may also have to be taken into account. In the meantime, it will be very interesting to assess how the Commissioner resumes its activities and when a final resolution is reached.