The European Commission (Commission) has published Guidelines for Member States on how to assist financial institutions whilst complying with the EU rules on State aid. In particular the Guidelines stress: (i) the need for access to aid to be non-discriminatory; (ii) a requirement to limit State measures to the duration of the period during which the current financial crisis persists; (iii) that any State support is clearly defined and limited in scope; and (iv) that there should be an appropriate contribution from the private sector and rules to prevent abuse. In addition to issuing general Guidelines, the Commission gave approval on 13 October 2008 to the emergency package of measures intended to shore up the UK's financial market. This package included a recapitalisation scheme for banks and building societies, a guarantee scheme for the issuance of short and medium term debt to foster inter-bank lending and an extension of the short-term liquidity measures provided by the Bank of England. The UK Government is required to report to the Commission every six months on how the package is being implemented.