A five year agreement creating a pilot program will allow Mexico to store its Colorado River water allocation in Lake Mead for future use and for improvement projects. The program will be funded by U.S. water districts in exchange for a share of the water the projects will save.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority and the Colorado River Commission of Nevada unanimously approved five agreements associated with funding components for necessary infrastructure improvements.

The binational agreement between the U.S. and Mexico was negotiated through the International Boundary and Water Commission but also involves the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and fifteen water agencies in the seven Colorado basin states including AZ, CA, CO, NV, NM, UT and WY.

Under the agreement, Mexico will store up to 1.5 million acre-feet in Lake Mead over five years resulting in a rise in lake levels as much as fifteen feet. The agreement is important in ensuring water flows continue from Lake Mead, the primary water source for Las Vegas.

The Memorandum of Agreement provides an overview of the negotiated water storage arrangements.