In November 2010, the UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced many proposed changes to reduce net migration by nationals of countries outside the European Union. One of those proposals, was to abolish the tier 1 (post study work) category (tier 1 PSW) in April 2011.

The tier 1 PSW category was introduced to attract to the UK the brightest, best and most genuine international students, as it provides a pathway for skilled graduates to remain in the UK to seek and take employment without needing a sponsor.

The proposals to abolish the tier 1 PSW route have created widespread concern that potential students, who would otherwise make a significant contribution to the UK education sector, may choose to study in other countries such as USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We strongly urge eligible skilled graduates to apply under the tier 1 PSW route prior to the proposed April 2011 deadline, or consider alternative routes to remain in the UK.