This case involved a summary judgment motion brought by the defendant in an action for trade mark and copyright infringement, passing off and depreciation of goodwill. The parties compete in the provision of nuclear wares and services. The trade marks in issue were similar stylized designs of the letter A. The defendant’s A design was used in the first and last letter of the name Areva. It is not used alone but is in close proximity to the name Areva. The plaintiff ’s mark also did not appear alone; it appears in close proximity to its corporate mark.

The Court found that the relevant public was a small, sophisticated group and that there was no possibility of confusion because the nuclear procurement business was a long, careful process and those involved would not be confused as to which company they were dealing with because of any similarity in the stylized “A” trade marks.

The court found that there was no genuine issue for trial with respect to trade mark infringement, passing off and copyright infringement, and granted the summary judgment motion and dismissed the plaintiff ’s claim.