When H. Jason Gold was appointed liquidating trustee for the bankruptcy estate of Dornier Aviation (North America), Inc., (DANA) in early 2003, creditors were expected to receive as little as three cents per claim dollar. Despite these daunting prospects, Mr. Gold embarked on an ambitious litigation schedule which ended on February 17, 2009, when the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia approved a settlement of DANA's claims against Hainan Airlines Company, Ltd. of China. The settlement resulted in a payment by Hainan Airlines of $14,950,000 and will allow the trustee to pay 100 percent of the face amount of the bankruptcy claims. The Hainan Airlines case was the final pending litigation claim belonging to DANA's bankruptcy trust under a confirmed chapter 11 liquidating plan.

In addition to the DANA case, Mr. Gold is currently serving as trustee in the liquidation of Vijay K. Taneja and his affiliated entities. Mr. Taneja was sentenced to seven years in prison as a result of one of the largest real estate fraud cases in the Washington DC area. Mr. Gold also served as chapter 7 trustee for Computer Learning Centers, Inc. (CLC), a vocational school with annual sales of around $250 million. At the time, the CLC bankruptcy was one of the largest and most complex chapter 7 liquidations ever filed in the Washington Metro region.

Mr. Gold was appointed a chapter 7 panel trustee in the Eastern District of Virginia in 1987. Since his appointment, he has served as liquidating trustee in countless bankruptcy cases, including those described above, as well as Persnickety, Incorporated, Interlase LP, Take Out Taxi, Eagle Research Laboratories, XtremeSpectrum and Diplomatic Language Services. Through the years, Mr. Gold has liquidated almost every type of business asset, as well as hundreds of parcels of real estate, from condominiums to acreage to commercial office buildings.